How to marinade and cook a tasty steak

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Get the required ingredients of the marinade

Add all ingredients (excluding the butter, neutral oil, the meat and obviously the container/bag ) to a blender.

Blend ingredients till you get a fluid consistency, with a texture almost similar to this. Depends on the ingredients as different country and quality and freshness and... Etc

The steaks and the marinade. Make sure you clean the steaks before marinating. (Wash it a bit)

Put THE steaks in the marinade... Tie it up. Refrigerate for about 8 hours.

8 hours later

Use a large hot pan. Heat up the pan before cooking.

Add a neutral oil, to pan and wait till the surface is smoking. (When you see smoke. It's time to cook)

Place the steaks in the pan gently and in centre if possible. You can poke or make cuts in steak for better sauce absorption and to see if the steaks are cooking.

You only need to flip the steaks once. But you can do it twice or more to make sure you cook it right. I'm going for well done here. You'll know when to flip from the next step.

You know It's well done if you feel a resistance when you press it. It would resemble the resistance you feel when you press at your wrist as in picture.

You can tell the steak is cooking well if you see this or water coming out of the cuts and holes made earlier.

pour the sauce over the meat throughout cooking. This step will be repeated with the butter in next step.

The butter is used to enhance the final taste of the cooked steak. Add to pan and mix with sauce in pan. Then pour over the steak as it's still cooking in the pan.

You can mix the butter with that sauce by tilting the pan and keeping steak to one side. The this will make it easier to pour Over after

The steak cooking in it's juices and the sauce. It's making you hungry isn't it? And it looks good to..

Near the end, you'll see the sauce becoming thicker and concentrated... So please serve with that sauce!

The steak is complete. If you cut. Cut into thicker pieces than in this photo. And pour the sauce over that. Tell me what you guys think!

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