How to make a lip/cheek stain using beets

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Wash, peel, and dice a beet.

This is my make shift double boiler, if you have a real one use that. If not just put a metal or glass bowl into a pot of boiling water.

Add 2 Tbs. Glycerin. If you don't have glycerin yet it's about time you get some! Find it at the pharmacy for like $3.

Use a fork to stir it up every now and then. You really can't over cook this. I left it on for about 30 minutes. You know it's done when there's a pool of juice at the bottom.

Run it through a strainer into another bowl.

Do your best to pour it into a container. My container is a bit big but oh well! It was meant for salad dressing.

For a creamier blush, pour some into another container.

Then add some lotion and bb cream.

Mix it up and see what color you get! Mine came out beautifully!

Now we have a lip and cheek stain, as well as a cream blush!(: Enjoy!

As requested this is what it looks like on me! My lips and cheeks have nothing but the stain on. I did the cheek stain quite lightly but it builds pretty quick.

Watch the video: Homemade Beetroot Powder#Diy

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