How to make a stuffed eggplant

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We cut the eggplant in two halves and we place them in a pan in hot water until their flesh gets soft

We cut the onion into cubes and we fry it in a pan with olive oil

We attach the sliced zucchini

We add the meat and a bit of salt, and we cook it all together.✨Tip✨: you can also add any other vegetable you like: For me, it is delish with some paprika.

When the eggplant is ready: we empty it and add we the flesh to the previous mix in order to cook everything together a pair of minutes

We put the mix inside de empty eggplant, then we attach the form with foil

We put it into the oven for a few minutes with a slice of cheese on it. Voilà! Enjoy! 🍴

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