How to re-grow spring onions from the supermarket

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Gather your supplies. Important that your spring onions have roots. You can use anything to plant into, even just one large pot.

Cut the bottoms off your spring onions, a few centimetres from the roots.

Get your containers ready. I used toilet rolls cut in half and folded - I learnt this from someone else's guide!

Fill half your container with soil, hold spring onions in place with roots as low as possible and fill remaining space with soil.

Add a little water. Keep soil damp. Sit containers in a larger container on a windowsill or similar.

Within a few days you will see new green regrowth. When you harvest your spring onions cut off what you need and leave the roots in the soil - it will keep growing back!

Here they are after a week or so. Plant them in a larger pot or garden bed whenever you like!

Watch the video: Grow spring onions easily and Indoors. Regrow over and over using store bought Scallions

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