How to make grandma's homemade salsa

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These are your ingredients.

Drain two 14-1/2 oz. cans of stewed tomatoes and mince.

Cut your round onion in half.

Cut the ends off both halves of the onions.

Chop all the onions so that they can be minced in a food processor.

Thoroughly mince the onions.

Mix the tomatoes and the onions together.

Cut your bell pepper stems off. Then cut them in half.

Cut both bell peppers into small enough pieces so they can be minced.

After mincing your first bell pepper add it to your tomatoes and onions.

Add your second bell pepper.

Add the amount of olives that you would like.

Add 8 oz. of your zesty Italian Dressing.

Mix all of your salsa together.

Then you will add your jalapeños. This is added little by little, to taste.

Mix your jalapeños in and taste the salsa before adding more.

Lastly you will add a dash of salt, a dash of oregano, and a dash of garlic salt.

Now I hope you enjoy your homemade salsa. It will go well with tortilla scoops chips.

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