How to select and prep mangoes - ripe and green

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Select fruit that has firm, smooth skin. Some black spots are ok but make sure the skin isn't torn. Fruit may be ripe but has no smell. Store in plastic bag at room temperature until fragrant.

Peel skin from fruit in thin strips. Some recipes instruct to cut the fruit and then remove the skin but that method causes waste.

To dice, place wide side on cutting board and carefully cut on diagonals. Then slice across the fruit. Be careful, the ripe fruit can be slippery.

Scrape the pulp from the seed.

Ripe mango that is diced and pulped.

Choose fruit that's firm with smooth skin.

Peel skin from fruit in thin strips.

Stand fruit on the stem end and carefully slice downward towards cutting board.

Cut all the flesh away from the seed.

Flesh from one green mango. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

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