How to shape brows

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Start out by looking at the brow shape and color. Choose a brow pencil and a matte shadow that best matches to the hair color.

Brush the brow hairs into place. Here we are using the ESUM Pinky Puff and the ESUM P17 Brow Groom Brush.

Using the ESUM P17 Brow Groom Brush brush hairs upwards and trim off the additional length with a pair of Cuterz.

Using a Flamingo Razor carefully lay the blade flat against the skin and with smooth strokes remove hair from under the brow to help shape the arch.

Use the Flamingo Razor on its side and glide along the skin. Flamingo Razors should always be used with care and never shared between clients.

Continue by gently removing unwanted hairs above the brow as well.

Using the KEVYN AUCOIN Precision Brow Pencil draw in the brow in fine strokes to create a base or low light. Here we are using the Brunette pencil.

When using the brow pencil draw individual hairs. The fine tip of the pencil allows for very precise markings.

Choose from a range of matte pigments to help match brows to the hair color.

With the ESUM B15 Angled Brow Brush add in a highlight color to the brow.

The finished brow. For all your brow needs visit MUSE BEAUTY at

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