How to cook global short ribs

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Try serving with whole couscous cooked with beef broth & mushrooms or pasta

1 day ahead - in a non-reactive bowl wisk together Linghams, soy sauce, fish sauce, water and five spice powder.

Place short ribs in plastic bag pour in sauce knead, close bag and refrigerate overnight

Day of - 1. peel carrots cut into 2" pieces 2. peel & cut onion into 8 wedges

Combine remaining spices

Place oil into small pressure cooker. Heat oil in cooker using Medium heat. Brown ribs watching carefully so the sugars do not burn.

Brown ribs in cooker about 4 per side remove and set aside. Add carrots & onion to cooker and saute until onion softens, add garlic and saute' a minute longer.

Peel & cut cherry tomatoes in quarters. Peel & slice garlic cloves and fresh ginger set everything aside

Add spare ribs back to empty cooker, add tomatoes, oregano and remaining spices, pour in Ginger beer & seal cooker.

Bring pressure cooker up to 10lbs using medium heat, reduce heat to me-low low and cook 45 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool 10 minutes. Redux completed Bon Appetite',

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