How to do a ladder braid

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Get some hair.

Brush out the hair.

Grab a small section on the top front of the hair.

Split it into three equal sections.

Bring the one closest to the bottom over the middle section.

Then take the top section over the new middle section.

Then repeat that. Take the bottom over the middle.

With the bottom section pull a small piece out and have the person hold onto it.

When you are at the top piece grab a little more hair from the top of her head and add it to the top section.

Keep on repeating this pattern until you get to the back of the head.

Then braid it all the way down. If you don't know how to braid. It's just the same thing but you aren't adding or taking away hair.

When you get to the bottom tie it off with a small hair tie.

Then take all of the hair you left out, and put it to the opposite side of her head.

Then take another small section of hair from right below the one you just did.

Split it again into three equal sections.

Do the same thing. Take the bottom piece and cross it over the middle piece.

Then take the top piece over the new middle piece.

After you repeat that and put the bottom over the middle. When you cross the top piece over the middle add the first piece of hair from the other braid into the top piece before crossing it over.

Keep on doing the same thing.

When you run out of pieces to add, do a normal braid all the way to the bottom again.

Tie the end off with another small hair tie.

Then you have a finished Ladder Braid!

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