How to fold an origami hexaflexagon

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You can use any rectangle to make this, I am just using printer paper.

You'll need the paper to be a 1:2 ratio, so if yours isn't, fold it in half.

Then fold like so, as if your making a square.

Cut off the excess paper.

Open up what you have left. Tada!

Fold in half lengthways.

Open, then fold top and bottom edges to centre.

Turn 90 degrees and fold top and bottom edges to centre.

Unfold last step and fold edges to your last creases.

Unfold the bottom flap...

And fold so that it meets the top flap.

Unfold last step. Refold the very bottom section and fold the top edge to meet it like so. It is just the reverse of the step 12.

Unfold last step and you have beautiful, equal eights.

Fold in half so your model looks like this. If you fold it the wrong way, the next few steps will end up on the outside of your model

This is when you need your pen and ruler.

Draw a diamond.

Then draw a cross over the top.

Turn over and repeat.

Open your model up like so.


Fold edges to the middle.

Now this flap...

Needs to slot into here.

Open up the left one and slot in the right.

It will take a while the first few times you try, but trust me it gets easier. If you would like me to make a video of this step comment at the end of the guide.

Almost there, keep persisting don't give up!

Finally! Once you've finished you should have a 3D rectangle shape.

Adjust the folds so that it is in a hexagon shape like so.

If you look at one of the sides, you'll see a small triangle at the top.

Fold it inwards like so.

Repeat on all the sides.

When your done, turn the model over (upside down) and repeat.


That's it! Please comment if you have any questions. If you had trouble with my guide, you can watch 1petitesauciere's video on YouTube.🇫🇷

Watch the video: How to make a Flexagon Origami. How make Hexaflexagon. Флексагон, гексафлексагон оригами. ORGANZA

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