How to create black and white cat nail art

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Start off with clean nails. You can file your nails into shape at this point. Sorry for the blurriness!

With your white nail art pen draw a basic outline of the cats head on the end of your thumb. Draw two triangles and a line. If you don't have nail art pens the end of a toothpick works just as well.

Fill in the head.

While the head is drying with your white nail art pen again draw paw prints on the rest of your nails. You can do as many as you like depending on the size of your nail. I did two!

When the head is completely dry begin to add its features. For the ears draw two small triangles in the centre of the previous ones.

Now draw two small lines for eyes.

Add a small oval for its nose and draw a line going down underneath it and then split and flick the end of the line.

Now add some whiskers. Again you can add three if you prefer if you have a bigger nail.

Now add a top coat. This will help prevent your nails from chipping, makes them shine and if your colours are slightly faint it helps bring them out.

Now repeat these steps on your other hand and you're done!

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