How to make breakfast sausage and roast potatoes

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I was hungry and decided to make some breakfast sausages since I had some left over sage and ground beef...then decided to make a Snapguide at the last minute...please try and enjoy.

Chop Sage finely and add to ground meat

Add Paprika...

Garlic powder...

...and Salt

Finish with fresh ground Black and Pink pepper... And mix the ground meat-sage combination well with hands.

Add Molasses...

and Vanilla then mix this together as well. Prepare a clean surface such as a plate or pan. *Note: A quick cooking spray shot on the surface will help handling of the sausage a little easier later!!

Form patties with your hands making sure to make them flat for fast cooking and still tender texture then Place the patties separate from each other.

Place patties in freezer to allow the patties to hold their shape a little better. In the mean time I'm going to cook up some Roast Potatoes to eat with my sausage.

Cut some potatoes of your choice in a large dice Toss in Olive oil, Salt, Minced Smoked Garlic, and Herbs of your choice. I chose Herbs de Provence

Place in oven set at 450 degrees F and Roast for 15 minutes...Check Potatoes and carefully give them a Turn and Shuffle. *Note: This is not a dance...well, actually... :) *

Place potatoes back in oven and cook for 15 more minutes

Take out the sausage patties from the freezer and using your thumb press a divit in the middle of each one to prevent the patty from puffing up too much during cooking

Remove potatoes from oven an set aside to finish cooking the sausage.

Place sausage patties in a hot skillet and brown on one side.

Turn over and brown other side, making sure the meat is cooked thoroughly.

I reduced the balsamic vinegar down.

And plated as such. I Just threw in a few julienned bell peppers to add some fresh crunch into the picture.

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