How to make a tulle tutu

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This is the elastic I will be using. You can get it at hobby lobby for $2.99

Cut a piece long enough to wrap around your waist.

Cut another piece about 3 inches long

Hot glue the two ends of the waist piece together

It should look something like this

Don't worry if there's glue peeking out from underneath. That's where the 3 inch piece comes in handy

Get the 3 inch piece

Stick it under where the hot glue place is for the waist piece

Secure it with glue underneath

It should look like this

Where you're all done it should look like this

You will not need hot glue anymore

We will now begin tying tulle on

This is what you will need

Cut a piece of tulle

Tie it on

Continually repeat this step with different colors until you are done hint: try folding it and cutting multiple pieces at once. I also had to put the elastic on the lid of a shoe box so it spread out

Cut one really long piece and fold it in half length wise

Like this

Stick the folded end under the elastic

Stick your fingers in the end of folded tulle and pull the two loose ends through until you have it tight enough to be a knot

This is what the knot looks like

My pile of pre-cut tulle

About half done

All done!!

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