How to make fresh frozen wheatgrass(blender method)

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Before starting boil 2 cups of water. Place water in the freezer to allow to cool (30-40 minutes). OR you can used distilled or filtered water instead.

While the wheatgrass used here is not organic, whenever possible buy organic or locally grown wheatgrass. You may also wish to grow your own wheatgrass using organic soil, etc.

Use a clean pair of scissors or kitchen shears to snip the blades about 1/2 inch above the bottom of the plant. Doing so allows use of the greenest part only. The blades should be about 8 inches tall.

In a strainer, wash the blades under clean, lukewarm running water to remove any dirt, insects, or bacteria. Be sure to lift and move around blades for optimal cleaning.

Place clean wheatgrass on a cutting board and chop with a sharp knife.

The smaller the pieces, the easier it will be to grind, blend and create the juice.

One plant should make a little over 1 cup of chopped wheatgrass.

Put chopped wheatgrass and 1/2 cup of the cold (boiled and cooled) water (or use filter or distilled water) in a blender.

Blend the wheatgrass and water together using the highest speed for about 60 seconds. You should be left with a pulpy green mixture that is the consistency of a smoothie.

Cut cheesecloth into 2-3 large squares. Cheesecloths should be large enough to hang over the sides of the measuring cup. Place cheesecloths one on top of the other.

Pour small amounts of the blended wheatgrass on the cheesecloth. While holding cloth in place, use a spoon/spatula to press mixture so that juice flows through the cloths. Repeat until complete.

You may wish to simply squeeze the cheesecloth to extract juice instead of using a spatula/spoon. Continue squeezing until no more juice flows. Repeat until juice from entire mixture is extracted.

You should now be left with an emerald green juice.

Makes a little over a 1/2 cup of wheatgrass juice.

Fill ice tray cavities with wheatgrass juice. Makes 10-20 cubes, depending on ice cube size.

Place ice tray(s) in the freezer to freeze. Takes on average about 4 hours to freeze solid.

Once frozen, remove cubes from the tray(s) and store in a freezer bag in the freezer.

Put 1-2 wheatgrass cubes in a shot glass. Consume alone or with juice by filling the remainder of the glass with a juice of your choice. Let cube(s) completely melt before enjoying the shot.

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