How to make an easy london fog

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Choose any earl grey tea!

Fill your mug with water, tea bag on the bottom then pour water in.

Heat whatever amount of milk needed on hot plate, or use frother! Another way of doing it is putting it on the stove and whisking it. Although I use my bodum frother, it works great and is way cheaper

Add sugar to the warm (but not boiling) milk and Froth er' urp!

Like my spiffy mug? Okay now pour in the tea (take the bag out of the cup) and pour in vanilla and sugar then stir. Next spoon in froth and pout the rest of the milk in.

I forgot to add sugar and vanilla so I had to do it after :-/ LOL

Now add a nice lil' touch to your drink! I used vanilla crystals I use as sprinkles for cupcakes I make! Haha

Watch the video: How to Make the Best Ever Earl Grey Tea Latte London Fog

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