How to make a nourishing herbal stinging nettle infusion

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Find some fresh nettles growing around you. In Ireland they start popping up mid-March and I can find patches of them throughout the summer. Cut off about 4-8 inches from the tops of each plant.

Note: don't pick nettles from the side of the road as they would then contain pollutants from exhaust, etc.

Choose only the leaves that are in good condition and look healthy. The nettles will grow back. A tip: touch the leaves with intention, firmly and they won't sting you! Or wear gloves & use scissors.

Rinse the nettles tops in cold water. Put them into a glass jar preferably with a lid. This is a one litre jar and I added approximately 35-40 nettles tops. You could also use dried nettles.

Add boiling hot filtered water to fill your glass jar. Close the lid.

Leave the nettles to brew for 8-10 hours. No longer or they will deteriorate. Strain the plant material out and conserve the infused water. Put in the refrigerator. This will last up to a week.

I drink one cup each morning and night and feel completely revitalised! Nettles have so much nutrition and huge health benefits. They are high in calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Other uses for your nettles harvest: chop them up and use in soup or stir-fries (they taste like spinach) or use them in green smoothies. I like to make nettle crisps (like kale crisps) yumm!

Heres a link to Susun Weed's blog where she details the many benefits of stinging nettle infusion.

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