How to make a glass luminary with metal washers

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Select 12 each of three different size washer available at any hardware store

You will see that one side of the washer is flatter with sharper edges, we will call this the "wrong" side

Lay out all of your washers and flip them right side up

Lay them out in rows and pull off enough of 2 inch wide painters tape to cover

Snip any excess off ends- this helps the washers go through the machine easier

Place face down and turn your machine handle forward. Since the washers are thick- it helps if when it starts to come out the other end- you gently pull as you turn the handle

Burnish down the adhesive with your finger, then pull off the backing- the wrong sides of your washer now are covered in adhesive!

Now take your Clearsnap Designer Foils and lay over the top and burnish down

Peel up and like magic! You know have foiled the backs of your washers- repeat with all of the other sizes. No foil? Try paint or stamping!

After you have foiled all the washer- get ready, they are going back in the Xyron Create A Sticker foil side down! Run them all

Now get your glass ready. Make sure you clean it thoroughly with a degreasing cleaner

Now peel off the washer from the adhesive- make sure they don't have any adhesive peeking through- just use your finger to wipe away any excess (like seen in the center of this one)

Now just stick away! I used three of each size on each side, placing them randomly

Add some tea lights in, and watch it glow!

You can color both sides of the washers if you like, paint them, stamp them, brush them will steel wool...

... stamp words on them. So many possibilities!

looks great in my bathroom! Xyron is available at Michaels and online at HSN and I can be found at:inmyblueroom. Denise

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