How to save dried out cream with tea

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Choose your ingredients. I decided to use Coffee Pu'erh tea leaves because I love the smell!

I have a lotion that wasn't sealed properly for too long and has dried out. And I hate to throw things out so I'll turn it into Coffee Pu'erh Lotion!

First, boil water and your chosen tea(s). One cup worth is plenty and you can drink the leftovers!

While the tea is still hot, add it to your cream, 2 tbsps to start, then 1 tbsp at a time as needed.

Mix together. It gets ugly before getting pretty but keep at it. Continue to soften the cream 1 tbsp of hot tea at a time until smooth.

Nice! When you get the creamy smooth consistency you're after you know you're in business. You can stop here and enjoy your revived lotion like this, or continue to the next step.

An option here is to to add wet tea leaves to enhance smell and exfoliate. Because I prefer the finer grind, I opened a used tea bag, but you can include the full leaf. I just prefer this look.

Mix together and voila! A brand new, amazing smelling cream that does wonders for your skin.

So think twice next time you feel like you have to throw out old creams. No need to waste an ounce, just bring it back to life with tea!

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