How to make chile con carne

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Please note: the measurements given on the supplies list are approximate. You should adjust to taste. Some folks like more cumin, some less. Spicy or not? Make this recipe all yours. Experiment!

I still have the slip of paper from my waitress pad that I wrote the recipe on when Mike (the place was called Mike's) gave it to me! Over the years, I made some changes - for the better though.

I usually use canned red beans but none in my cupboard so I'm using dry beans instead. We'll have these fellas ready in no time thanks to a handy invention called...

The pressure cooker! Just toss the beans in with plenty of water and within 20-30 minutes they'll be ready.

Another trick - I always have a bell pepper in the freezer in case I need it. Or you could plan ahead and get a fresh one.

See?! My frozen bell pepper!

Prep time! So chop up the bell pepper.

Chop up onions...

...and garlic.

Heat up some oil in a large pot.

Toss in and sauté the pepper and onion.

Add the ground beef and cook until brown.

I now add the garlic - adding it too early means it might burn.

Keep stirring as everything comes together!

Now add the canned tomatoes...

And tomato paste. Add a can of water too.

Beans are done so time to toss those in too. Or simply add at this time the canned red beans.

Into the pot!

Now add the spices: salt, garlic powder, chili powder, chili flakes, cumin, and pepper. Remember, play with these and adjust measurements to your taste.

Stir well and simmer, stirring occasionally. Taste too to see if you need to adjust your spices - more salt? cumin? It's your call. You'll know it's just right when it tastes delicious!

Cover and cook on low heat for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

TA DA! It's done! And so hearty and delicious!

I like to top it off with chopped cilantro and scallions. Enjoy!

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