How to create a paper fortune teller

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Fold the paper diagonally so there is an extra rectangle at the bottom :)

It should look like this :)

Cut that extra rectangle off because you don't need that anymore :)

After you unfold it, the paper should look like this! Now just fold up the corners :)

Like this :)

Leave a little bit of room when you fold so it makes it easier to use later :)

After you folded all of the corners in, it should look like this! Now flip it over :)

It should look like this :)

Now do the same thing you did on the other side!

After you folded all of the corners in, it should look like this :)

Flip it over again! :)

After that, flatten it again and choose four colors you want to use!

Color each color on one flap like this :)

This is what is should resemble once you're done coloring! Now flip it over :)

In each little half flap, write either a number or word!

Now open up the flaps like this :)

Flatten it out and it should look like this! Now this is the fun part ;)

Now you can separate the sections like this and start writing your fortunes!!

The fortunes can be as vague or specific as you want! They can be good or bad, weird or boring, whatever you want!

Also, feel free to get creative and mix things up! For example, you can put words on the front instead of colors and then colors on the inside! :)

Enjoy your new fortune teller! :) ;)


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