How to make lipstick with crayons

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Things you will need

First, scoop out some Vaseline with your toothpick and scrape it into your spoon. The more Vaseline there is, the glossier. The more crayon there is, the smoother and pigmented the lipstick will be.

Cut up a tiny amount of crayon. I used several different shades of pink and a bit of white. Use a pen knife for this step.

Add the crayon to the spoon of Vaseline.

Next, hold the spoon over a candle(or some other heat source), and stir it with your toothpick.

Its melting together :D

Once it is completely smooth, you can then pour it into your container. If you don't like the color, you can add in more crayons until you reach the shade you like:)

Done! *sorry this was the only container I have* then wait a few minutes for it to harden. The texture will be like normal lipsticks:)

This was the color I made:)

COLOR!!!! ( haha)

Here are some other colors. You can DIY it and mix them together until you find your favorite:)

This is the pink shade I made in this guide.( tap to see full image)

Here is a red color I made( tap to see full image)

Make sure you use crayons that are safe( it will say on the packet). If people trust 3 year old children to handle it, of course you can make it into lip stick! don't worry, it's Safe to use😉

Also, you can add in some food flavoring so it will smell great too:) I use vanilla essences In mine

Watch the video: DIY Lipstick with Crayons and Coconut Oil. How to Make Lipstick with Crayons

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