How to cook chocolate chip bacon pancakes

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1. Cook your bacon. I use turkey bacon because it has less grease more meat and cooks flatter) *cook the bacon more than normal but don't burn it. You want maximum crispness when cooked in the batter.

2. Leave the extra crispy bacon to drain off excess grease. Depending on the type you may need to blot or change out the towels they are drying on if there is excessive grease.

3. While I could make my own batter I actually really like the krusteaz brand of chocolate chip. You may add anything you like to the mix to complement the bacon.

4. While the bacon is draining mix your pancake batter. I tend to prefer a wetter batter so as to let me create the needed shape to encase the bacon in.

5. When your griddle has reached a good medium temperature. Use a ladle to lightly pour the batter in a shape approximating the bacon. *You may lay the bacon down next to the our to gage size

6. Gently press the dried cooked bacon into your batter. Press it into the wet batter so that it sinks just below the surface

7. Pour a thin line over the pressed in bacon. We don't want too much. Just enough so we can lightly spread it.

8. Encase the bacon fully by using the round part of a spoon to thinly spread the batter. *Remember the batter will expand as it cooks so if some edges of the bacon is showing don't worry.

9. When bubbles form in the batter surface, check the edges to see if it's firm to flip. *Dont rush it let the bottoms get a golden color to them, we don't want to ruin the shape by flipping to soon.

10. Cook the pancakes more than normal w/out burning. Press lightly down on them with a spatchula, it may hurt the fluffyness some but we don't want the bacon to keep any batter from cooking.

11. When done eat and enjoy. I like them plane but syrup, honey etc are all great options.

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