How to make super awesome chili

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*Note: we are cooking for 11 so we will have more ingredients than the supply list calls for but the recipe makes for about 8.

*Note: we are cooking for an audience who doesn't like particularly spicy food so we have fewer spices than we would usually put in.

Chop celery

Press garlic

Chop poblano and jalapeños

Gather bay leaves and mix spices

Cut bacon

Chop the onions!!

Collect your ground beef


Chipotle peppers

Tomato sauce

Add some oil to your pan

Put tomato sauce in large pot on low heat. As each ingredient is cooked it will be added to this pot

Brown ground beef *this is not browned yet*

Put meat into pot with tomato sauce *note we are doing ours in two separate pots at back of stove

Fry bacon

Once fried add to main pot

Add onions

Sauté celery

Put the celery in the main pot

We added olive oil here but add olive oil when you see fit

Sauté jalapeño and poblano peppers

Add garlic

Add spices but not the bay leaves

Add a bit of water, take off the heat, to pick up any spices stuck to the bottom

Add to main pot

Be sure to stir every thing around

Rinse beans until water runs clear or about five seconds

Add beans to main pot

Chop chipotles

Put extra chipotle sauce in chili

Add to the chili

Add bay leaves

Put a lid on and heat on medium then once it hits boiling turn it back to low

Test it to see if it is to your likening and make any changes you deem necessary

Feel free to add any other ingredients you want or take some out! It's not an exact science!! ENJOY!!

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