How to create a fresh spring wreath

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A Fresh Boxwood wreath will create the perfect base. This hardy greenery will dry beautifully into a soft blue gray color.

Orchids and ribbons will brighten the wreath. Choose a ribbon that matches the door or something that is more seasonal. Small water tubes will keep the orchids looking lovely for weeks.

Fill each tube with water. Give each stem a slanted cut and slip it into the tube.

Start with one yard of ribbon and weave it around the wreath. Add more as needed, secure in place with a dab of hot glue if you are worried it will wiggle free.

Tuck your orchids throughout; again hot glue will secure the tubes in place. Then add a festive bow and a few streamers to finish the wreath.

To keep your orchids happy hang in a place where there is no risk of freezing. Orchids like temperatures above 50 degrees. This would be a great interior adornment, unless your climate permits.

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