How to make café curtains

These instructions are for 1 pair of cafe curtains as shown here.

First determine the finished length of your curtains. Hang your rod with rings. Measure from bottom of the ring to the window sill. Subtract 1/2". This will be your finished length. Ours was 27".

From the Face Fabric - cut 2 rectangles 54" wide x the finished length + 6-1/2" (determined in step 2).

From the Lining Fabric - cut 2 rectangles 48" wide x the finished length (determined in step 2) + 4-1/2"

Fold up a bottom hem of 3" and press with an iron. Apply Steam-A-Seam 2 to the bottom edge of the fold and press and steam in place with an iron. Remove the paper backing from the Steam-A-Seam.

Fold up another 3" creating a double 3" hem.

Press thoroughly with the iron.

Repeat the previous steps for the lining except fold up a double 2" hem instead of a double 3" hem.

Turn layer right side out and press.

From the Piping Fabric - cut 2 strips of fabric 1-1/2" wide x 54" long and cover the piping with the fabric as shown. You will need to use a zipper foot on your machine.

With the right side of the fabric facing up, measure in 3" from each side of the curtain panel and mark. Pin and stitch the piping between the two marks.

With the right side of the fabric facing up, place the lining right side down aligning the top edges. The lining will be inset 3" on each side. Pin all layers together across the top of the panel.

Using a zipper foot on your machine, stitch all layers together. Make sure to stitch right next to the piping.

For the side hems, fold over 1-1/2" and press.

Add the Steam-A-Seam 2 and press in place. Remove the paper backing from the Steam-A-Seam.

Fold in another 1-1/2" forming a double 1-1/2" side hem and each side of the panel. Press and steam thoroughly with an iron.

Attach the rings 3" in from each end and 6" apart. You will need 8 rings per panel (16 per single window). These 1" diameter rings (shown) are available from

Watch the video: Sew Simple Cafe Curtains

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