How to build a workbench

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This plans measurements would depend on the size of the door or doors that you use. I used a 30" door for the top and a 24" door for the bottom shelf. This bench measures 30"x80"x37" high.

I used screws for this project in case I needed to move it out of the basement. You can usually find these doors at garage sales pretty cheap.

2 old doors (sorry only 1 shown) and 12 8 foot 2x4's. You could use 3/4" plywood if you don't have doors.

Build 2 frames, (the doors will be attached to the top of the frames.) Bottom shelf will be the same on the sides (30"), but the front 2x4 will be inset (depending on door size) see photo.

Cut and attach legs to top frame. Mine are 36".

Attach bottom shelf frame at a comfortable level.

Attach doors to frames. If there is a hole where the door knob was, put that at the back. You could later run power cords thru it.

The next step is optional. If you don't build this top shelf you could save yourself 6 2x4's.

Make a frame for an overhead shelf. This one is 16"x80". I used some scrap plywood for the top. Sorry didn't get a picture of that, but I think you get the idea.

Add four 2x4's the height you want the shelf (mine is 67"), then attach frame to the 2x4's.

I overlapped the top shelf to compensate for the basement foundation. This way my table would go square up against the wall.

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