How to use leftover roast chicken

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Pull meat off bones. Reserve along with any chicken juice/gravy. Add bones to medium pot.

Add 1 carrot, celery stock, onion tops and parsley to pot with chicken bones. Cover with fresh cold water and heat to simmer for as much time as you have.

Chop/slice other carrot, onion, and mushrooms.

Stock reduced to just over 2 cups.

Cook your favorite wild rice blend per package instructions. This is Lundberg with porcini and wild rice.

Knob of butter over medium-high heat.

Sweat onions and carrots in butter

Add mushrooms and cook until they give off their water and the water evaporates.

Splash of white wine into the pan. Big one. Nothing fancy.

Add chicken, stock to mostly cover, and any leftover juice or gravy. Cook until liquid is mostly gone.

Frozen peas.

Add heavy cream and reduce 5 minutes or so. Serve with rice.

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