How to make organic hummus in 10mins

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Here are the ingredients. i use organic. if don't find already cooked organic garbanzo beans. I boil around 160 gms of dried beans that has been soaked overnight + 1 tsp of sodium bicarbonate

Put boiled chickpeas in the food processor. Pulverize the peas

Add the 2 TBsp tahine+2TBsp water + 2 TBsp lemon juice + 1 tsp salt turn ..scrap the sides turn untill desired consistency. You can always add water for a more loose hummus . Adjust lemon salt .

Voila hummus is ready. At this point, if you wish to put the garlic, transfer the hummus in a recipient mix in the garlic and refrigerate untill you want to serve it.n

Before serving, take out the garlic, transfer to the serving dish. Garnish with the pealed beans . Usefull tip: spray the plate with olive oil so it will not make a dry crust while at the table

Sprinkle with the spices. Actually you can put more if you like. Turmeric and cumin are wonders for the health. ACTUALLY IT IS MY ADDITION i update classic recipies with latest nutrition research

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