How to Make a Chinese Box

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Step 1: Get a blank piece of paper

Step2: take your paper from the right hand corner and fold it to the other side so it makes a triangle with some paper left at the bottom

Step3: rip or cut the bottom hanging piece of paper. Now it will look like a triangle.

Step4: you see it's folded, now open the triangle and fold it down the other side, when you open it now you should see four triangles

Step5: take any of the side of the four squares and push them inward so now your back to one triangle

Step6: take the right side of the triangle and fold it all the way to the top, do it to the front and back

Step7: it should now look like a diamond, now fold both of the side corners to the middle of the diamond do to front and back

Step8: the corners that you just folded, at the top there should be a little pocket open it and stick the paper above it in there and press down do to both sides

Step9: finally you should see a hole at the top of the box, now blow into it and there is your box. You can even decorate it.

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