How to make spanish corned beef w/. potatoes

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The cast

Peel the potatoes

Slice them the long ways

The slice them a second time Into fries. Then cut them Into cubes .

Take a pan. Put it over medium high heat. Add the oil to it.

Add the potatoes to the hot oil

Browning nicely

Once they have browned take them out of the pan and set aside.

Now lets get the the corned beef. Open the can using the little contraption. If you somehow can't open it up, use a can opener

In the same pan we cooked the potatoes we will season the corned beef. Set the heat to medium and add the sofrito and the garlic powder.

Add the beef bouillon powder.

Add The tomato sauce

And the olives

Add the packet of sazon with culantro and achiote

And lastly the vinegar

Stir the sauce and then add in the corned beef

To soften the corned beef a little we will add the water.

As soon as the corned beef has been mixed in with the tomato sauce add the potatoes.

This goes very well with white rice and some avocado . Enjoy


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