How to make pollen patties for bees

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Measure out your pollen substitute, 1:1 sugar syrup and Honey B Healthy or anise extract into a mixing bowl.

Use your hands to mix the ingredients until it comes together like a firm cookie dough.

Pull the dough into a ball and set between two sheets of wax paper.

Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch thickness.

This is what the rolled out patty should look like.

Place patty between the wax paper and cut the excess paper from around the outside edges.

Cut the patty in half through the paper so you have two patties layered between wax paper.

Add several slits in the top of the paper on one side. Two patties are ready to feed to the bees.

Lay the patty slit side down on the top bars, just above the brood. Remove top paper. Large patties may attract pests and encourage robbing in the hive. Smaller patties, no larger than 5" sq.

The girls love them! They immediately jumped all over the patty and started eating. Yum!

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