How to spot a fake iphone 5

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Apple pays attention to every detail of their packaging. Material, corners, edges, logos and colours are all high quality. Take note of the brightness of the colours which can often fade.

Pay particular attention to the fitting between the lid and the base; there should be no uneven or large gaps. Also check the thickness of the lid and the finish on the corners.

A label should be on the back. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, MEID stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier.

New iPhones are accompanied by a plug, a charging cable and a set of in ear headphones. Check the workmanship on the inside of the box, all edges should be straight and no large gaps should be seen.

New iPhones are accompanied by a Quick Start Guide.

New iPhones are accompanied by a pin that is designed to help remove the SIM card. Check the shape of the pin and its holder. And note the size and design of the instruction graphic on the inside.

Pay close attention to every detail of the camera lens. The position of the lens and flash, the space between the two features, the edging of each piece, and the overall finish.

The SIM slot is carefully designed and manufactured by Apple and should fit the phone body perfectly with a fine, evenly spaced gap between the two. Also check the size and placement of the pin hole.

Apple have designed and manufactured the base connection immaculately. If photo quality allows check the finest details carefully, such as the speaker grill pattern, and the size of the screws.

The back of the iPhone features manufacturing details including a set of codes and the model number. Check that the Model and IMEI numbers match those numbers detailed on the retail box label.

As with the other features on the iPhone, the volume controls have been immaculately made. Check that the shape, finish and overall quality match that of the example shown.


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