How to shop safely when purchasing prada sunglasses

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New Prada sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Check that the logo and font matches that one officially by Prada. Older models may vary in color and style.

The retail box label details manufacturer information and a barcode. The model number should match the model number on the glasses themselves.

New Prada sunglasses are accompanied by a carry case which will vary with model and year. Check that the logo and font used matches that of used officially by Prada.

New Prada sunglasses are accompanied by an information booklet. Check the size, font, spacing, positioning and alignment of the logo and other copy.

Prada sunglasses are accompanied by a microfibre cloth that is usually black with the Prada logo centred. Check the size, font, and positioning of the logo carefully.

The inside right temple arm of Prada sunglasses usually feature the 'Prada' logo followed by "Made in Italy" and the letters CE signifying European Conformity.

The inside left temple of Prada sunglasses feature the model number - sunglasses start with an "S" and eyeglasses start with a "V";; and sets of numbers representing the lens width and the nose width.

New Prada sunglasses feature a serial number etched into the right lens. Older sunglasses may not feature this mark.

Some new Prada sunglasses feature the Prada logo etched onto the left lens. If featured, check the size and shape of the logo letters and that the etching is clean and straight.

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