How to make paper basket/ holder

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Here I took a A4 paper and printed some pattern on it. Take a fairly thick paper so that it holds the shape and looks neat. Use your imagination for the pattern.

Im making a square here by taking the excess paper off

Excess paper

Tear it off

Now make vivid diagonal folds and crease it

After this fold it on side and crease well

Crease everything well

Fold it as shown on both sides

Again fold it as shown. I will revisit this step so to remember this I will call this as Step a/ Step 11

Crease well

Fold again and crease well

Now fold as shown, make a crease and open it

The crease line is for reference

Fold it inwards

Repeat it on remaining 3 sides

Crease well

Now hold it as shown and pull it downwards. This should be easy because we have been creasing everything from the start.

Crease well ;) and repeat it on the other side

Now open this from inside and push it gently from the bottom

Tuck the loose flaps inside as shown

The basket/ holder is ready :)

I am sticking one post it inside to give it a color pop

You can store anything you want in it or keep it empty

If you want you can repurpose the rectangular strip by making this as a handle

This is step a/ step 11.

This is step a/ step 11. Insert the handle at this step and continue with the steps

Secure the handle as shown. Or you can stick the handle at the end. I prefer it without handle because it will comes in the way

The basket with the handle

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