How to create water marble nails

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Start by painting all your nails with a base coat

Gather all your supplies and just pick out your white for now

Paint all your nails white

Now let them dry completely before going to the next step

A tip to help them dry is to test if they are dry by lightly stroking your nail. If it doesn't smudge then what you can do is run your fingers under cold water and they will dry with the water fully.

Put tape all around your nails

Unscrew all your caps

Drop nail polish in the water one or two drops max.

Dip your finger In for 10 seconds. Make sure to clean nail polish layer with toothpick

Once your done wait a bit for it to dry

Take it off. This is the ones with out a design so I just dipped my finger in and didn't use a toothpick to Create a design

This is with a Design...

Dip it in



Comment your favourite nail:)

Watch the video: Easy gel design with Marble Ink

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