How to make an origami bowl w/ square paper

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Whichever side you want showing should face you to start.

Fold over left side to one third of paper.

Fold the outside edge back to the fold of one third on the left.

Fold right side to edge of left for the third on the right side.

This is right side meeting left and paper is in thirds.

Fold right edge of paper to fold on right exactly like the left side.

Open the left side again.

Fold corners to create a point. Be sure to fold only left side and not grab paper from right side.

Do this to the top and bottom.

Fold outer edge back to fold with corners tucked inside.

Fold right side over. This looks like the left because I turned it upside down.

Fold corners to make points.

Fold corners on top and bottom.

Fold edge of paper out to folded edge. There will be an opening in the center and a point on the top and bottom.

Carefully open middle and begin to open sides.

Press corners to create box on one end. Also press bottom to add squareness.

Do this to both ends. Here is the rectangular bowl from a square paper. If you fold from a rectangle, the end result is square. Makes a fun snack bowl!

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