How to create a sweet and delicate wand

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U will need glue , 1 hard paper of any colour , scissors , sketch pen garden stick , one green colour paper and a foil paper

Take a colour and cut 1 leave . Cut two leaves exactly the same as the first one . Stick them as shown

After sticking turn them . The center leave should be first as in the step 5

Now , take a garden stick . Roll the foil paper around it like shown in the picture

Decorate the leave

Take a small white or any other paper and stick it . Next tightly stick the stick on the paper as shown

Now stick another small paper on the stick . Make sure you stick it properly

Now take a green colour paper and cut it in the shape of leaves . Put glue as shown

Roll the glued side on the stick as shown. Do the same for others but pls see the next step

Like this

Your wand is ready . Just keep it aside for some time and then use it .

Watch the video: My Wand Making Tools

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