How to make a german christmas star

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Trace two 4" circles, two 3" circles, and one 2.5" circle onto foil paper. Templates can be purchased at or you can use cups.

Each circle is divided into 8 sections.

Cut them out.

For right dominate. Use you left thumb and index finger to begin rolling each section onto the tip of a sharp pencil. Roll from corner to corner of the section.

If you have problems, check out the video on

I turned mine around so the green would show:)

Begin with the largest two stars when gluing together.use a dab of weld bond for a glue dot.

Use your eraser tip to press second star down firmly.

Repeat by adding the 2 medium stars, then the smallest last. Allow to dry.

Use a needle and thread inserted into a larger star for hanging as an ornament.

You can also make these with any paper and Elmer's glue. Foil paper can be ordered from

Watch the video: German Paper Stars Froebel Stars

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