How to make your own stickers

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Supplies needed

Cut pc of tape according to size of sticker you wish to create. U can choose to use separate pcs or 1 long pc depending on your letters/design. Remember that the longer the pc the easier it will tear

Place your pc of tape on a clean cutting area or board gently. You want to make it easy to remove without tearing once you cut out your pattern

I chose to do my daughters name all together. This will lift up all in one piece

Cut with x-acto knife. As usual pls be careful when using sharp objects to avoid cutting yourself or damaging cutting area if not using a board

All cut. I will be lifting outer area of pattern

Cut pattern

Use knife to lift from surface

Will be using my daughters laptop for sticker placing

Lift carefully

There it is. Make sure to rub a couple of times gently so it can stick good

Close up

You can even use the leftover pcs to add more to design to your finished product

Left over pcs well used. You're the creator so get creative. Hope you guys like this guide



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