How to enjoy delicious paleo snacks

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Dehydrated ground beef jerky.

Jicama and almond butter.

Beet chips or sweet potato chips crisped in the microwave.

Ice Cream, especially Bulletproof. Definitely not any store brands.

Meringue egg white cookies.

All nuts are great, Macadamia has the best omega 3 ratio. Remember peanuts are legumes, not nuts.

An ounce of dark chocolate a day is heart healthy.

Organic berries.

Organic carrots.

Coconut cultured probiotics.

Hard boiled eggs make a satisfying snack.

Raw, un salted mixed nuts.

A couple paleo herb crackers.

Kale chips are a crunchy snack.

Organic celery.

Celery, almond butter, and raisin snack.

Salsa for chips, crackers or eggs.

Porkitos. Prosciutto slices dried in oven a couple minutes.

Young Tai coconut. I threw these in the bacon grease frypan a minute.

Plantain chips fried in coconut oil.

Cauliflower popcorn.

Cauliflower bread sticks.

A strip or two of uncured bacon.

Pork skins baked in 450° oven 4 minutes.

Beef brisket beef jerky.

Egg white, cinnamon, stevia coated pecans, dried in the oven.


Even home made candy made from coconut oil, cocoa powder, stevia, and mix ins. Just mix, pour and freeze.

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