How to vintage pearls inspired nails

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This is my inspiration.

Gather your supplies. Pearls decals can be purchase for under $5 on (use code NVL91 to save additional 10% off - free worldwide shipping, no minimum order!!)

Paint the base of your nails white and allow it to dry.

With silver metallic polish, create the base of the pendant in any floral design you want. You may want to add swirls and leaves for extra intricacies.

With a fine nail art brush, create outline of the pendant to give it some "shadow". You do not have to encircle the whole pendant.

With a silver glitter or rhinestone, place it at the center of the pendant. The with the smallest pearl, add to the end of the swirl.

Add larger pearls in the negative space. Place it however you like. This is to replicate the larger pearl on the necklace.

You may do every nail the same or mix it up like I did. I wanted my to look like one piece of necklace. Hope you enjoy my tutorial

To check out more nail art (ones without tutorial), check out my blog or follow me on Instagram/Facebook @nailartcouture

Watch the video: Polygel Vintage floral design

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