How to cook penne spanish sardines

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This is the two important ingredients we need for our penne except me!

Any brand is cool! Or you can also use other kinds..

For sardines i use CDO's product. There's a lot to choose from actually and they have spicy a well however I choose the not spicy one and it already looks good from here. Yumm!!

To make it tastier we need this GARLIC!! Gaaahhh careful vamps! xD

Very healthy of course! You can also use virgin olive oil if you want to. :)

McCormick basil leaves we need it to make our penne a little brighter and it does give good flavors! ;)

1st chop the garlic minced it as much as possible.

Cook the penne while you're at it. I'm happily stirring it so they won't stick in the pan. Some out salt to make the pasta tasty, others oil. Hmmm! Well you are the chef..

Almost forgot our bread crumbs! It's for our sardines!

Make sure you remove the bones of our little sardines don't want you choking! Mix the breadcrumbs, add a spoonful of olive oil and mix them in a bowl.

Fry them up in a heating pan until it becomes crispy. Set aside will make use of it later! :P

On the other hand heat up a sauce pan and pour the olive oil. Now is upto you how many you going to pour mine is not a lot and not few.

Throw the garlic make sure it turns golden brown. I love the smell of it actually! *sniff sniff*️

Add the basil leaves. Now it depends on how many you want to add I think mine is enough. 😁

And pour the penne, then mix. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix mix mix!

Then grab the sardines and mix them all together! And there you have it your very own Penne Spanish Sardines! Muy Bien y delicioso!

Add any garnish or vegetables for a good presentation you can also add chili if you wanted it to be spicy. However, I'm already happy with mine. 😃

Its a light meal and its good for people who's undergoing strict diet. A healthy food for a healthy you. Well for me this is my dinner! Enjoy!

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