How to make loofah soap

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Supplies. If you don't have a soap mold, muffin tins work just as well.

First, acquire your loofa piece. This can be done by cutting a full loofah, or, in my case, can be store bought.

Wet the loofah so it expands and can be stretched out in the soap mold. Make sure to squeeze out any extra water.

Use enough of the soap base so that it fills your mold.

Start melting soap.

Add teaspoon of oil or essential oil. Olive oil can be used, but I prefer my almond oil or other essential oils.

Once soap has melted, add the soap dye (this is optional). Do not use food coloring, it will stain the skin.

Next add fragrance (also optional) with eyedropper. I'm using creamy coconut. How many drops depends on how much soap you are using and how strong of a scent you want. I used about 5 drops.

The last thing to add is the Shea butter (optional). Shea butter has many benefits for the skin, and makes it extra soft. Not much is needed, maybe 1/2 a teaspoon depending on how much soap you have.

Continue to heat on a low temperature until the shea butter is just melted. If it is overheated it will become grainy. Make sure when stirring the ingredients, that you stir gently to avoid bubbles.

Finally, poor over the loofah in the mold and let it cool until hard. If your impatient like me, placing the soap in the fridge will speed up hardening time (about an hour).

They also make perfect gifts!

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