How to make 15 min bbq hickory chicken

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Gather your supplies.

Turn the BBQ on high heat (or your stove if you are cooking on the stove)

Add 2 oz of Worcestershire sauce to a container.

Add 2 oz of French onion soup in the container. You can also use chicken broth if you prefer.

Add 2 oz of liquid smoke to the container.

Ad 1 tsp of minced garlic to the mixture.

On a separate plate, add 1 tbsp of hickory seasoning.

Add 1 tsp of garlic salt to the hickory seasoning.

Add 1 tsp of minced onions to the hickory seasoning.

Mix the ingredients well together.

Fillet the chicken.

Add the chicken to the liquid mixture and stir well.

Take the chicken out of the mixture and put directly on the dry rub mixture.

Evenly coat both sides.

Put the chicken on the grill and cook for about 4 mins on each side or until cooked all the way.

Serve with your favorite sides and enjoy!

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