How to make italian sausage tortellini soup

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I received this recipe from good friend Margaret S... an angel of a lady who helped us through tough cancer treatment and bone marrow transplant. I can only hope to be half as kind and giving!

Brown Italian Sausage. (I used mild turkey italian sausage) After removing sausage, I poured 1/2 cup water into pan and stirred to loosen meat residue and added that to the soup.

Chop and slice vegetables as desired. Note: The pictured Cutco Brand knife is a GREAT knife! It works GREAT for this... VERY sharp. Probably the most expensive knife I've purchased but worth it!

Put all, EXCEPT Tortellini into stock pot or slow cooker. ( I used some red, green & yellow bell pepper plus some red onion for extra color.

Just for fun and more interest, I cut up one hotdog and added that too.

At summer's end, I bring in a Parsley and Basil plant and pot them, so I can have them fresh over winter. Here I snipped off what I needed. (You can use dried if you don't have fresh)

Chop your parsley and basil and add to pot. (again, if you don't have fresh, use dried)

After a couple hours, add frozen tortellini for last hour. (I noticed my vegetables were already tender so to avoid overcooking, I cooked Tortellini separately, then added.

Be careful not to overcook. The recipe Margaret gave me said 3 hours but mine was done sooner. I like the vegetables just slightly firm, yet not raw... not mushy.

Note: You can use a slow cooker also. That may take the full 3 hours. I used the stove and it was more like 2 hours. Test the veggies and determine your level of done-ness.

Hearty, tasty and delicious. Also a great variety of color and texture!

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