How to do studs and leopard nails

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Start as usual with a base coat. Wait for it to dry

Star applying your lighter color on those three fingers ( I don't know their names in English sorry ;) )

Apply the turquoise on your middle finger.

And the pink on the last one.

And a second coat of each color ! And wait for it to dry.

Then make the leopard pattern. I use a plastic wrapping as a palette

And draw the countours of the freckles with your brush

Do it on your beige fingers

Use your "palette" for the blue. Wash your brush with your nail polish remover

And fill some of the freckles

Choose four studs and prepare your nail glue. ( I choosed silver ones but golden ones are great too )

Put some glue behind the stud and apply it with a tweezer.

Don't forget the top coat !

Et voilà ! Hope you like this tutorial, check the others ! And sorry for my English because I'm French :)

Watch the video: Leopard print gel polish design

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