How to make a spicy hummus

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Dry roast cumin seeds

Once it is fragrant. Switch off flame and add sesame seed.i merely want to heat the sesame seeds in residual heat and not toast it.

Add the cumin and sesame seeds in a mortar. You can use a food processor too.

Break it down to a smooth and aromatic powder

Cook whole garlic without oil.i am after some charred side on the garlic

Add the garlic to the powdered mix.

Crush the garlic

Get ready the chickpeas. Drain well.

Add the chickpeas in small batches and mash it. Mash it well but stop before it turns into a purée

This is how it looks

Scoop it out into a container for future use

Now I use my smoky Harissa from my previous snapguide

Gather 1 lemon for its juice

Season the chickpea mixture with salt, Harissa paste and lemon juice. Mix it well

It's important to taste and adjust accordingly. Add some olive oil and stir through the hummus

This is how it looks

This is optional - I like to sprinkle a dash of smokey paprika on top after drizzling olive oil

Enjoy this with some vegetable fingers, chips, crisps, or spread it on a bun, wrap or cruskit.

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