How to Make Alphonse Elric Nails

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Here are the polishes I usedThunder by Revlon, Red glitter Art Deco, Flight Night by Sally Hansen, Pink Blink by Sally Hansen and China Glaze top coat. I also used a toothpick for small details.

First you wanna put on a few coats of your grey. If you want to put on a base coat first, be my guest. Also please bare with me on my terrible photos.

Next you are going to add two dots for the eyes with your red on the upper part of your nail. You can use the toothpick or a small brush, your choice.

Then you'll use the toothpick to make his jagged mouth. You wanna make about 4 or 5 little points. Don't use the very tip of the toothpick. Instead go a little lower down so you get lines, not dots.

Now you'll do the blush with your pink. I used the toothpick for this but you could use a small brush as well. If you do use a tooth pick, again, make thick lines instead of dots.

Now for the point (I guess?) on his head. I used a tooth pick for this you can use a brush if you want.

Time to seal up this gem with some top coat. But before you do wait a bit, pet a cat or something because of you apply it too soon it'll smudge and you don't want that. You worked hard on this.

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