How to Cook a Yummy Spinach & Tomato Egg Omelet :)

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I like to chop/dice up the onion and tomato first.

Beat eggs until smooth add some milk if you like :) I do

Take a nice had full or more of some spinach and plop it in a med size pot. Remember that spinach shrink up with heat and release it's own liquids so no need to add anything but your tons & onion

Like so

Start to cook on med until spinach is wilted. I use chopsticks to mix.

Add veggies to eggs and pour into pan and cook on med

And presto it's done! I think I went a little overboard on so many steps but you got the idea now. Please enjoy. I eat mine with some and aloha soy sauce.

Watch the video: Sautéed Spinach with Onions and Tomatoes.

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