How to Make a Bead Bracelet

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Gather your supplies !

Cut 8 pieces of thread depending on how thick you want your bracelet. Cut 1 more than how many beads you want in a row. They are about 45cm long. In this example I have 8 pieces.

Knot the ends and split the threads equally.

Attach your thread then spread the threads out on the loom with a space in the middle.

Nice and neat! Use the skewer to help you with this.

Thread a needle and tie the thread on the last string on the loom

Attach your choice of beads, remember put one less than the amount of threads!

Push the beads into the separate holes with your palm and then put the needle and thread under the loom and through the beads, but on TOP of the loom thread. Here is a video.

This is a really hard guide to explain, I am so sorry!!

Repeat these steps until you have beaded up to your desired point and then we're ready to take it off the loom the wear!

When you have finished secure the thread with a knot and snip off.

Undo the wooden cyclindes and remove your bracelet. Tie both ends as close to the design as possible.

Attach to your wrist and trim excess thread. There you have it, your own SNAPGUIDE bead bracelet!!

You can experiment with colour, size, shape, anything! Keep beading!

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